Fire Company Group Fitness

What started with a simple request has grown into one of our most integral arms. While we practice functional fitness and strive for a better quality of life, rarely do we see the work that we put in mean the difference between life and death. That changed when we began partnering with a number of fire companies. As their members boosted their strength, stamina, and agility, they grew not only fitter but more capable and confident, in themselves and each other. And being better at their work means being better at staying alive.

We craft custom workouts that are designed to benefit everyone, regardless of age, ability, or pre-existing conditions. And those workouts can include specific pieces of equipment and job-specific tasks.

The sessions run $75. They’re open to all company members and their families. Also included is a nutrition seminar that outlines dietary guidelines for losing weight, boosting on-the-job performance, and improving overall health.



PHONE : 215.230.8923