Nutrition Coaching

Action Personal Training – Nutrition Program

We believe that fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand. We can’t achieve our ideal health and weight goals without eating the right foods … and the best food and diet vary for everyone.

Our Nutrition Program

  •  Integrates your fitness program with your food
  • Uses real food, not weight loss products
  • Takes into consideration preferences, intolerances and allergies
  • Works with your schedule to integrate healthy eating with work and family
  • Tracks your progress, provides accountability and support
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle, not dieting

Director of Nutrition Nancy Popkin has experience counseling clients in all aspects of nutrition including:

  • Weight loss, cravings, stress eating & emotional eating
  • Disease management (high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune disease & prevention)
  • Increase energy & immune function
  • Reduce symptoms and manage food intolerances
  • Manage stress, time & lifestyle issues
  • Athletic competition & training
  • Children & teens – unique curriculum for overweight and picky eating
  • Family nutrition issues, including food allergies
  • Healthy cooking



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