Working out with Action Personal Training has been a great experience. I have been able to get back in shape by following their nutrition and training regimen. My workouts are very effective and never boring. My trainer keeps it motivating and fun. Thanks for the help.

Guy Lee, MD

Spinal Surgeon

I never really believed that I could change my body until I started working out with Action Personal Training, it is a life changing experience.
Thank you!

Bob Horen

U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Committee Chairman

Working with a trainer from Action Personal Training has not only increased my energy level and stamina but it has also given me the confidence I need to interact in the fast-paced entertainment industry.

Terry Peeler

Arts & Entertainment Lawyer

I wanted to let you know, how much I am liking my training.
Specifically, I like how:

  1. You are keeping daily charts and slowly upping.
  2. Pushing me for last 1-2 reps.
  3. Constantly monitoring how my joints are doing.
  4. Checking on how I am doing on my goals.


Scott Creighton

Global Vice President, Marketing Excellence of the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Companies

Since becoming a client at Action Personal Training, my energy levels have continued to improve over time. In our industry, energy is probably the most important resource that we need to tap into. Just as importantly, physically and mentally I am able to enjoy the things that are also important to me in my personal life. I can attest that my mental and physical sharpness are a direct result of my training from, and commitment to APT. Five years and counting are a testament to my personal belief that they have played a large part in my ability to continue at the pace I choose to.
Thank you!

Fred Beans

Founder & President, Fred Beans Family of Dealerships

Thanks to Todd and his team; we were able to create a unique program open to all members regardless of their current level of fitness. Todd and his team provide a mix of routines to help the members build strength and stamina.

Tom McDonald

Fort Washington Fire Company

“I have used good trainers in gyms before, but this is a different level of attention and monitoring that I appreciate. APT has allowed me to “step up my game” in a way that I was not prepared for.”
“Having this regular workout over the last 3 months has put me in a place I frankly did not think possible. I am looking forward to continued progress and pushing thru my initial goals.”
“I have figured out I save nearly 2 hours a week and 8 hours in a month by having APT in my home. Plus, it takes away the “do I want to work out today” inertia. I know they will be there as planned”