We prefer to let our actions speak for us, but it’s not so bad when our clients are willing to, too.

My energy levels are always improving. In this industry, energy is probably our most important resource. I’m also enjoying the things that are important to me in my personal life more.

Fred Beans

President, Fred Beans Family of Dealerships

I appreciate the constant monitoring and motivation—especially with those last couple of reps.

Scott Creighton

Global Vice President, Johnson & Johnson

I never really believed that I could change my body until I started working out with Action Personal Training. It’s been a life-changing experience.

Bob Horen

U.S. Figure Skating Board of Directors

Todd and his team were able to create a program that improved the strength and stamina of every one of our members.

Tom McDonald

Fort Washington, Pa., Fire Company

I joined a gym to complement my workouts with Action Personal Training, but its daycare was way too crowded for my comfort. So I cancelled my membership and stepped up my workouts at home with APT. My kids are pretty happy about it, too.

Lori G.

Working out with Action Personal Training has not only boosted my energy and stamina, it’s given me the confidence I need to interact in the fast-paced entertainment industry.

Terry Peeler


Being able to workout in the early morning is key. If I had to wait to do it after 8 a.m., it would never happen. There are just too many variables that would get in the way.

Trish Korber

My workouts are very effective and never boring. My trainer keeps it motivating and fun.

Guy A. Lee

Orthopaedic surgeon, Rothman Institute

I lost 58 pounds in less than four months and I feel great!

Brian Cover



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