Results are your primary objective, as well as ours.

The first step we take in your new fitness journey is to clearly define your goals with you. From here we put together a tailor-made program. Our plans are personalized, not “out of the box” plans. We take your goals, personality, limitations, injuries, likes and dislikes into account.



Our team of nationally certified trainers are the most qualified in the region, with over 30,000 hours of training experience. Our comprehensive fitness programs incorporates resistance training, cardiovascular training, and nutritional guidance. Our trainers have knowledge of the most advanced training techniques to maximize results, while providing proper technique instruction to prevent injury.

  • Qualified, knowledgeable and experienced staff develop your personalized program
  • Proper form for maximum safety and effectiveness
  • Muscle firming and toning
  • Aerobic/cardiovascular training
  • Specific sport training
  • Strength training
  • Core strength training
  • Flexibility & stretching
  • Balance & coordination



Our in-home service minimizes your time by eliminating travel to the gym, waiting for equipment, etc. We design a schedule that works for you, not us. Since we are a personal training organization rather than a single independent trainer, you will never have down time. if your trainer is on vacation or take a leave of absence we will provide you with a new trainer either as a temporary sub or a replacement if necessary.

  • We bring everything to you – our trainers carry all the equipment we’ll need and can incorporate equipment you have. 
  • No travel time
  • No time waiting for equipment at a gym
  • Privacy and confidentiality



Consistency is the most important factor in determining fitness success.  To get the most out of your training program we will provide a monthly progress report and fitness assessment. These reports include body measurements, goal progression, program review, and recommendations to accelerate your results. This ongoing fitness analysis, combined with our tailored workout and nutrition program produces superior results.

  • No frustrating plateaus
  • Regular fitness assessments and reviews
  • Flexible scheduling to keep you on a workout routine, even when your availability changes 

Motivation and accountability to reach your goals

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